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Atelier 0  代表   /   高山秀則   

1985    東京都出身

2007    早稲田大学芸術学校建築設計科卒業

2008    早稲田大学政治経済学部経済学科卒業

           ( ダブルスクール )


2012    Atelier 0 設立

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専門士 / 経済学士 / 国連英検C級 / 独語検定5級 / 剣道1級 / 普通自動車免許 / 普通自動二輪免許

For the future of human beings, we do our best in any time. 

In this interesting era, Internet Technologies (IT) and

Artificial Intelligent (AI) developed.  Places and persons’

works became invisible.

What can we architects do ?  Pyramid quietly says,

architecture has been existed more than 4,000 years ago.  Architecture is also evolving along each periods.

Humans' essential sensitivities still living, for better

places,  for better works, for better families.

‘Atelier 0’ will think and take actions with various

professionals, for the leaders of in this society.


Hidenori  Takayama

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