それぞれに 円・三角形・四角形というベーシックな純粋幾何学を組み合わせることでポップな印象を与えました。










Chief Designer :  高山秀則


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A set of 3D printed bookmarks. It can be used in a range of books: from a small paperback book to a large picture book.


Each of the bookmarks is consisted from circles triangles and squares. Simple geometric shapes were chosen to make the design pop.


The set consists of three bookmarks. Colors Matte White, Matte Black and Matte Red are available (Only Matte White is available at pre-sales).


E-books are convenient. But slowly reading a paper book or looking at magazines together with your friends and family is quality time.


Please enjoy the bookmarks with your favorite books.


Chief Designer :  Hidenori Takayama


©︎ 2021 -  Atelier 0 All Right Reserved.

SHI'ORI / しおり

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  • 【Size / サイズ】


    【Material / 素材】

       ハイグレードMATTE PLA (プラスチック)

    【Instruction manual / 取扱説明】

    ・本製品はPLA(プラスチック)という性質上、火器の近く や高温の室内などに長時間置いておきますと融解により 変形等を起こす恐れがございますのでご注意ください。